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Everything Gets Cold on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 22nd episode (“ Infantino Street”) was exquisite. First of all, let’s talk about Wentworth Miller and how brilliant he is as Captain Cold/Snart. From his voice to his mannerisms to his snarky, sage wisdom, Miller is spellbinding and elegant as the thief. When he’s on screen, whether or not he’s speaking, he steals the spotlight—even when his scene partner is a giant Land Shark. There’s a collected demeanor to Snart that I find intriguing. The fact that he talked Barry out of killing King Shark was an interesting twist. It showed a softer side to him, a slow and steady mercy. It was heartwarming.

While he quips so well (“I’m already helping a bunch of idiot do-gooders.”), I find his candor and powers of observation equally fascinating: “Stop trying to beat Savitar at his own game. Your goodness is your strength.” That’s both astute and extremely kind. TL,DR: Snart forever. Gimme more Miller, please. And thank you.

The episode is a strangely fun backdrop for the inevitable tears. There’s Lila, breaking into A.R.G.U.S., a Taken reference, Joe singing, and HR and Tracy being frakkin’ adorable. I mean, those two are a delight. (Is it bad I have coffee envy? Because I do.) HR gushes: “I understand my purpose. It’s us. … Come work at Star Labs with me. … And drinking so much coffee.” I mean, *swoon*. They’re both goofy and adorable, and they just work together, quirks and all. It’s heartwarming.

But we know not everything is kitten and unicorns. HR screwing up and telling Evil Barry where Iris was? Gut punch. I felt so bad to him. And I felt hideously bad for poor Wally, too, who tried, but got his ass handed to him with a parsley garnish.

All the efforts to change the future appear to have been for naught. Cisco and Killer Frost go head-to-head, as Cisco vibe’d. Savitar skewers Iris. And I cried all the way through the video she recorded for him. I’m not a huge Iris fan, but I kept holding out—expecting, really—that good would triumph over evil, that all’s well that ends well.

I can’t imagine what next week holds, but I certainly hope Savitar gets his blue, glowing ass thoroughly kicked.

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