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Dan Spiegle, 1920-2017

Legendary comic-book artist Dan Spiegle passed away yesterday at the age of 96. Over the course of his career, Spiegle worked at Dell, Gold Key, Eclipse, Marvel and DC, on everything from Maverick to Sea Hunt to Teen Titans, on dozens of different titles and characters.

For me, though, there’s a quartet of series that I’ll always think of when I think of Dan Spiegle:

Crossfire, the superhero P.I. series that Spiegle and writer Mark Evanier produced for 26 issues at Eclipse in the 1980s…

… his lengthy run on Blackhawk at DC, again with Evanier…

…his fun and surprisingly faithful work on Scooby-Doo for Gold Key and later Marvel…

…and Nemesis, the character he co-created with Cary Burkett as a backup feature in DC’s The Brave and the Bold.

Spiegle’s work was at once realistic and animated, with a textured feel and a terrific eye for layout and design. Though he was never considered one of the hottest artists in comics, I was always happy to see his name in the credits; it meant there would be good work to enjoy in the pages ahead.


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