Blastoff Welcomes The Steve Niles Collection

Novelist and comics writer Steve Niles is well known for his contributions to the world of horror. From classics like 30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre to more recent projects like Frankenstein Alive, Alive!, Monster and Madman and The October Faction, Steve Niles’ work in the genre has both paid tribute to its past and electrified its future, bringing horror comics into the 21st century like no other writer working today.

However, Steve Niles’ love for comics extends well past horror, and we’re proud to be offering a few select pieces from Steve’s private collection of comics and art for sale here at Blastoff.

We’ll be spotlighting some of these beautiful items individually in the days to come, as well as sitting down to chat with Steve about his collection and his longtime love of comics.

Feel free to browse, won’t you?

The Steve Niles Collection



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