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Two new series debuted last week, both female-fronted series with female creators, both excellent premieres of comics that couldn’t be more different.

First up is LADY KILLER, new from Dark Horse, with art by Joelle Jones and story by Jones and Jamie S. Rich.


A stylish, darkly funny and brutal crime tale, LADY KILLER introduces us to Josie, a Jackie Kennedy-esque hitwoman balancing her family life as a suburban homemaker with her secret life as an assassin for hire.


There’s a sleek elegance to Jones’ art here I really like, and while the story has barely gotten going, the notion of Josie’s family being entirely clueless about her other life (with the exception of her suspicious mother-in-law) kicks off the tension nicely. Definitely a book to watch.

And over at Marvel, we saw the debut of THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL, from writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson, which turns the spotlight on one of Marvel’s sillier heroes of the 1990s.


Introduced by Will Murray and Steve Ditko back in 1992, Squirrel Girl was brought back into the spotlight in recent years by Brian Bendis, who used her as Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ nanny in the pages of NEW AVENGERS. Now on her own and attending college (appropriately enough, Empire State University, Spider-Man’s alma mater), Doreen Green begins a new life for self at ESU while still trying to keep her identity secret and keep up her duties as a super-hero.

Man, is this book ever fun. From the first page, as Squirrel Girl sings her self-written yet somewhat familiar theme song while taking down a pack of muggers, you know the kind of comic you’re in for.


It’s also fun and refreshing to have a hero who thinks her way out of problems rather than just trying to punch her way out.


I love that Marvel is willing to open up their universe these days not just to diverse characters, but diverse tones and styles as well. Give me more fun books like this any day.

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