WonderCon for the Win

The 2014 WonderCon has come and gone, and once more it’s shown itself as my favorite convention of the year. With the right mix of comics dealers, vintage toy sellers, art galleries and a large and thriving Artists’ Alley and small-press area, and minimal invasions from video-game companies or Hollywood movie studios, WonderCon hits exactly in my sweet spot for what a convention should be.


And with so many women, families and kids in attendance, it was hard not to leave WonderCon with a pretty positive feeling about the industry and the future of comics and related geekeries. Let’s take a look around this year’s convention, shall we?

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With its central open courtyard and fountain, WonderCon becomes a draw for cosplayers in a way you don’t see at San Diego.


My corporate overlords at IDW had a packed room for their Saturday panel. On stage is editor and TMNT writer Tom Waltz, TREK editor Sarah Gaydos, TREK writer Mike Johnson, IDW President Greg Goldstein, writer and longtime pal Brian Lynch, editor Scott Dunbier, writer Eric Shanower, artist Gabe Rodriguez, IDW editor-in-chief and CCO Chris Ryall and IDW VP of Marketing Dirk Wood, soon to be joined by…

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…yours truly, called to the stage to discuss my upcoming STAR TREK project FLESH AND STONE.

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I greet a familiar-looking fan at the IDW booth.


No, that line at the IDW booth isn’t for me; it was for LOCKE AND KEY artist Gabe Rodriguez, who was signing for fans all weekend at the IDW booth, celebrating the news of his becoming IDW’s first exclusive creator. And a nicer guy you won’t find.


IDW E-I-C Chris Ryall runs afoul of the law.


Ant-Girl. Get on it, Marvel.


Go Team Venture!


All my years of conventions, and I’d never seen a Ma Hunkel Red Tornado. Well done.


Hard to beat 6-armed Gil Kane Spidey, though. Impressive.


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