The Doctors Are In

We’ll get back to our Black Widow coverage next week, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to tip my hat to the good people at Gallifrey One, the largest and longest-running DOCTOR WHO convention in North America, as they once again put on one of the most enjoyable convention experiences I’ll have all year.

This year was especially sweet for me, as it comes on the heels of the completion of my 12-part DOCTOR WHO anniversary maxiseries PRISONERS OF TIME, so I got to celebrate in grand style and talk to so many Whovians who had been following the series all year.


This year, I brought my comic shop BLASTOFF with me, and we set up on the Dealer’s room floor selling IDW’s WHO comics, trade paperbacks and hardcovers, and I enlisted some friends to come along and sign some books: STAR TREK/DOCTOR WHO’s J.K. Woodward, ace colorist Charlie Kirchoff, and my co-writer David Tipton.

I just can’t say enough good things about Gallifrey and the people who run it. They genuinely care about giving the fans the best experience possible, and at the same time go out of their way to ensure things run smoothly for both the guests and the exhibitors. Tickets routinely sell out almost a year in advance, so if you’d like to attend next year, plan on buying your tickets this March.


BLASTOFF’s Harley and I hang out with a real-life TV star.


I chat with King of the Internet Chris Hardwick. Super-nice guy.


Every booth should have a comics Dalek.


The Whovians line up to get their comics signed.


Gallifrey fans take their costuming seriously.


A madman with a comic.


My favorite episode stops by the booth.


The Doctor and the TARDIS.


The boy who waited.


The Sixth Doctor is in.


He’s the Doctor…but probably not the one you were expecting.


Her name was Rose.

Thanks to everyone at Gallifrey One and special thanks to everyone who came out to get their books signed. Hope to see you all next year!

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