Blastoff Welcomes The Jim Krueger Collection

If it’s true that one’s childhood influences can be seen in adult work, than one only has to look at writer Jim Krueger’s body of work to see what young Jim Krueger was enjoying most at the comic-book racks.

In work like EARTH X and JUSTICE, the footprints of the great Jack Kirby loom large, as Krueger and his collaborator Alex Ross deftly combined their love of Kirby with their own brand of epic storytelling. And in his own original works like FOOT SOLDIERS and THE HIGH COST OF HAPPILY EVER AFTER, Krueger draws from a lifetime of influences to create entirely new concepts with the kind of world-building mythologies like the Kirby ETERNALS and FOURTH WORLD comics that so captured his own imagination as a young reader.









And now, the very comics that inspired Jim are available for sale here at Blastoff, with The Jim Krueger Collection. Click the link to see the first selections available now, with much more to come, both here and in our North Hollywood location.

The Jim Krueger Collection

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