Our Free Comic Book Day Raffle Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered our raffle! Without further ado, our winners and what they won:

1. Curt Cuscino

Warren Ellis: Come in Alone TPB- Signed

2. Taylor Ash

Art of Iron Man HC

3. Angela Malachowski

Green Lantern #18 1:25 Variant

4. Sandra Castaneda

Green Lantern #17 1:25 Variant

5. James Shegas

Age of Ultron #3 Ultron Variant

6. Peter Szilagyi

Age of Ultron #3 Ultron Variant

7. Adrian Pacheco

Age of Ultron #3 Ultron Variant

8. Armon White

Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Collector Figure

9. Javier Sanchez

Scorpion Marvel Collector Figure

10. Stefhanie Moore

Randy Bowen Morbius Bust

11. Beverly Langran

Giant-Man Marvel Collector Figure

12. Pat Fitzgerald

Swordsman Marvel Collector Figure

13. Dean Wright

Firelord Marvel Collector Figure

14. Julian Arreola

Sin City Marv Death Row Deluve Box Set

15. Victor Ruiz

Skurge Marvel Collector Figure

16. John Eddings

Dark Horse Reggie Archie Collector Statue

17. Amanda Lawson

DC Wonder Girl Collector Figure

18. Joseph Cho

Kotobukiya Alien Chest Burster Chopsticks

19. Zoe Vaughan

Super-Powered Pony Superpets GN

20. Jennifer Kekumu

Joe Hill’s Terrifying Treasury Edition

21. Allison Nowacki

Wonder Woman #18 1:25 Sketch Variant

22. Cameron Daxon

DC Negative Man Collector Figure

23. Michelle Hall

Art of Thor Marvel HC

24. Leo Williams

Marvel Select Spider-Man Action Figure

25. Jonah Benadon

DC JLA Batman Action Figure

26. Elizabeth Salazar

Age of Ultron #5 1:50 Iron Man Variant

27. Michael Cordero

Age of Ultron #3 1:50 Hulk Variant

28. Sarah Ann Head

Joss Whedon’s Serenity Widescreen DVD

29. Skyler Davis

Supernatural The Anime Series DVD

30. Matt Jacobs

Marvel Vintage Daredevil #1 Cover Poster

31. Elise Valentine

Kotobukiya Alien Facehugger Chopsticks

32. Alex Kirsche

DC JLA 500-Piece Puzzle Set with carry case

33. George Peters

IDW Road Rage #1 CGC-Graded 9.8 with ungraded Variant Cover

34. Alex Gamboa

J.J. Abrams Star Trek 3-Disc Digital Special Edition DVD Set

35. Robert Kerr

The Mummy Trilogy DVD Box Set

36. Kellon Northcote-Smith

DC Superman 1,000 Piece Puzzle Set with carry case

37. Shawn

Kotobukiya Alien Big Chap Chopsticks

38. Mariana Garcia

DC World of Warcraft Pearl of Pandaria HC

39. Liam Quille

Elasti-Girl DC Collector Figure

40. Amy Malachowski

Walking Dead Complete Season 2 DVD

41. Maria Andrade

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Women of Sunnydale Bust

42. Anthony Quintero

Mockingbird Marvel Collector Figure

43. Amelia Bayliss

Black Canary DC Mini-Bust

44. Greg Reynard

Randy Bowen Green Goblin Mini-Bust

45. Athena Delgado

Archie and Friends Digest

46. Alexa Jones

Marvel Spider-Girl Trade Paperback

47. Andrew Pacheco

IDW Astro Boy Trade Paperback-Signed

48. Matthew Polis

Star Wars Clone Wars Digest

49. Lilian Fromkin

IDW Astro Boy Trade Paperback-Signed

50. Michael Ouellette

Iron Man 3 Movie Poster-Signed by STAN LEE

GRAND PRIZE: Caroline Gilmore

JK Woodward Original Painted Art Page: “The Cyber-Gorn”

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