It’s Academic

Not to sound like Grandpa Simpson, but back in my day, discussion of comics in a university setting was a fairly rare thing. I was fortunate at the University of California to have studied under a forward-thinking professor of English named Frank McConnell who taught WATCHMEN, V FOR VENDETTA, SANDMAN and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS in his literature classes.

Now you can be just as fortunate thanks to the Canvas Network, which is offering an open online course called Gender Through Comic Books, taught by one of our favorite academic types, Ball State University’s Christina Blanch. Want some more details? Check out this piece from Wired Magazine.

Featuring guest speakers like Mark Waid, Scott Snyder and Gail Simone, the course will take a detailed look at “how comic books can be used to explore questions of gender identity, stereotypes, and roles.”

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to Stan the Man himself:

The course begins on April 2, 2013 and lasts until May 10. Sign up today!

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