It’s Only Fair

We’re going to interrupt our Ms. Marvel coverage this week, to show a few sneak peeks of one of my favorite weeks of the year: Toy Fair.

Every February, toy companies from around the world gather in Manhattan to show off what they’ve got planned for the next year, and hopefully place their products in stores nationwide. Will all these cool collectibles eventually make it to market? Not always, but keep your fingers crossed! (All photos as seen on Check out their full Toy Fair 2013 coverage here.)

The big news was Mattel’s unveiling of the long awaited 1966 TV-style Batman action-figure line, complete with Batmobile:


This “Surf’s Up” Batman is spectacular.

All I need is a Cesar Romero Joker with sculpted mustache. And maybe a King Tut.

The other big reveal was an all-new Castle Grayskull, which is certainly impressive:


And nicely furnished, I might add:


Mattel’s new WATCHMEN line is also pretty sharp, particularly the Nite Owl:


Hasbro didn’t bring much to impress this year in their Star Wars lineup, although I am liking this new version of Boba Fett’s SLAVE 1:

Slave I_0.jpg

This new Avengers line from Hasbro based on the upcoming animated series also looks fun:


Lego continues to do amazing things with the STAR WARS license, like this new set of Jabba’s Sail Barge:

Hopefully these 3 ¾ scale Venture Brothers figures finally make it to market…


Hard to believe it’s taken so many years to produce a Horta figure, isn’t it?


And finally, this IRON MAN suit for your Captain Action figure provides a welcome bit of retro goodness in the face of the upcoming IRON MAN 3 madness. I’m in.


Scott Tipton is already clearing space on the shelf for his 1966 Batmobile.

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