The Blastoff Video Interview – Len Wein

It’s a great personal pleasure to introduce our next Blastoff Video Interview, with legendary writer/editor Len Wein.

It’s almost easier to list books and characters Len hasn’t written, his career has been so far-reaching and influential. Batman? Of course. Spider-Man? You bet. Star Trek? Absolutely. The Hulk? Yep. Watchmen? He was the editor.

As if all that weren’t enough, he also created the Swamp Thing. And the new X-Men.

And a little character you may have heard of called Wolverine.

As a kid growing up reading comics in the 1970s and ’80s, I quickly learned to start looking at the credit boxes for certain names at the writer’s credit: if I saw Len Wein’s name in the credits, I knew to take it up to the register.

Len was generous enough to invite us into his home to talk to him about his amazing career, including his newest project, BEFORE WATCHMEN. So settle in and watch his chat with our roving reporter Amy Ratcliffe, then make sure to head to your local comic shop tomorrow and buy OZYMANDIAS #1. I’ve seen it; it’s amazing.



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