The Big Show, 2012

As is our tradition around these parts, it’s time for our customary photo essay looking back at this year’s Geekapalooza, the Show of All Shows, the San Diego Comic-Con for the year 2012.

Warner Brothers’ promised display of Batmobiles outside of Hall H didn’t disappoint (although calling the black tarp over the cars a “Batcave” seems a charitable exaggeration). And while the most visually impressive in person was probably the Tumbler…

tumbler.jpg sixtysix.jpg

…It’s still hard to top the original for sheer coolness.


Chris Ryall in full-on talk-show mode performs the monologue at the “IDW SHOW” panel. Using the late-night talk-show format to break up the usual con panel routine worked like a charm. They should do it again next year.


Matt Smith and Karen Gillan wait for a question in the completely packed Hall H DOCTOR WHO panel.


Our sister site, Blastoff got plenty of coverage of the big show, with our roving reporters Amy Ratcliffe and Jud Meyers interviewing lots of creators, like ANGEL and STAR TREK/DOCTOR WHO cover artist extraordinaire Jenny Frison. Just click the Blastoff link or that big rocketship in the upper left corner of your screen to go watch the interviews.


Speaking of STAR TREK/DOCTOR WHO, thanks to all the fans who came out to meet series editor Denton Tipton, artist J.K. Woodward and writers David Tipton and myself. Both our signings were extremely packed, and it was great to chat with folks who are digging what we’re doing.


Whenever I think Hasbro hasn’t made the most obscure Marvel character into an action figure, they surprise me with someone like Hyperion. That Red She-Hulk looks pretty sweet, too.


Hasbro also had another of their colossal dioramas on display, this time showing a full assault on Castle Doom by the Avengers and SHIELD. With hundreds of posed figures, my two favorite details were this scene of Juggernaut dumping Professor Xavier out of his hoverchair…


And this moment showing the supervillain board meeting. I especially like Green Goblin’s power suit, and the fact that everyone has in the spirit of cooperation put their weapons on the table, including The Red Skull’s cosmic cube.


After having the GI JOE license for a few years now, Sideshow is finally putting out a sixth-scale Baroness figure. This thing will sell like mad.


Hot Toys debuted this sixth-scale 1966 Batmobile, which has to mean sixth-scale Adam West and Burt Ward can’t be far behind. Fingers crossed…


Sideshow also debuted a new line of sixth-scale DC figures, including this pretty sweet Harley Quinn.


The best Joker cosplayer I’ve ever seen.


Rocketeer Betty is a trend I’d like to see more of.


As great as these costumes are, it’s the Widow’s admirer that makes this pic for me.


That’s one hell of a sweet Deadman.


The disturbing thing about this sign is just how far it actually is from Hall H.


Even worse is the mob that greets you trying to get back into the convention after leaving Hall H.


Marvel brought the Hall of Armors to the floor this year, including the brand=new suit for Iron Man 3.


One movie prop dealer had, of all things, Tron’s hat.


While another showed off not only Christopher Reeve’s Superman suit…


…but the original Kryptonite necklace as well!


Good news from Mattel for DC action-figure collectors: they’ll be using the DC Collector’s Club to finish out the unfinished teams in the huge DC Classics collection, such as the Metal Men, the Doom Patrol and the Justice League.


That’s a big shoe.


And we end as we always do, with one of my favorite sights: the nearly empty show floor, Sunday morning before the doors open. Here’s to next year.

Scott Tipton is feeling better. If you have questions about comics, send them here.

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