So, it turns out, the universe giveth with one hand, and taketh with the other.

While this year’s San Diego Comic Con was one of the most exciting and satisfying for me on a professional basis, I was also downed early on with one of the most virulent cases of the ConCrud, a.k.a. Nerd Flu, a.k.a. ConSARS, that I’ve ever encountered. By Friday morning of the big show, my voice was completely gone, and your humble professor has been pretty much on the ropes ever since.

So, while there will be plenty of Comic-Con coverage to come, including our traditional photo essay, for today we’ll be presenting just a few of my favorite moments from the big show on video, before I succumb to NyQuil-induced slumber.

The IDW Show at Comic-Con was fantastic! Unfortunately, my planned involvement was kiboshed by my losing my voice, but my last-minute fill-in did a better job than I could have!

This moment of DOCTOR WHO star Matt Smith talking to a young fan will melt even the Grinchiest heart.

Speaking of DOCTOR WHO, people walking the streets of San Diego never knew who they might see…

This moment of Joss Whedon talking to the Browncoats at the FIREFLY reunion panel is a nice one.

These kids in an Iron Man costume contest at the Marvel booth are in for a surprise…

And finally, this may have been the coolest moment of the whole weekend: an unexpected guest dances into the IRON MAN 3 panel.

Scott Tipton don’t feel so good. If you have questions about comics, send them here.


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