The Blastoff Art Gallery – The Avengers

It’s our favorite time of the month here at Blastoff, when we unveil our newest banner by our Artist-in-Residence Elena Casagrande!

Click the image for a closer look at Elena’s vision of the Avengers!



One Response to The Blastoff Art Gallery – The Avengers

  1. Pepe April 6, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

    The banner art is great although, IMO, I find that the Black Widow or Hellcat aren’t quintessencial Avengers.
    Hellcat’s participation with the Avengers is minimal. The Black Widow starts having a pivotal role with the team from Avengers #329 to #402 (end of the Vol.1) and from Mighty Avengers (post-Civil War period) to the present, so her importance is relative. I think other characters as She-Hulk or Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) are more important in Avengers’ history.
    The characters/costumes that appear are very early 80’s (Pérez and Byrne’s era).
    About the drawing, I find it a bit unbalanced. Perhaps you need a character flying over the Black Panther to compensate for Ms. Marvel (perhaps Captain Marvel or at least the Falcon). Also, I feel that Wonder Man’s height compared with Beast’s is wrong.

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