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Hulk Smash!

Our Artist in Residence Elena Casagrande has a new issue of HULK hitting stores this week!     You can check out a five-page preview thanks to our friends at Comic Book Resources! And pick up HULK #48 tomorrow!

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Daredevil #26 - Stan Lee and Gene Colan

Daredevil’s Enemies

Like any superhero, Daredevil has faced down a number of foes. In his beginning days, he often fought a different villain in every issue. He borrowed more than a few from Spider-Man; Doc Ock, Electro, and Mysterio all make appearances. And let’s be honest, some of his enemies have been a little laughable (well, at […]

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Daredevil: Yellow

Daredevil: Yellow hit me hard. It was a sweet love letter and nice way to revisit the origin story. The art by Tim Sale particularly made me sit up and take notice. The city was textured in a way I haven’t seen other artists do, and Daredevil looked acrobatic and incredibly graceful. I stared at […]

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Daredevil #105 - Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark

It’s Dangerous to Date Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock isn’t afraid to show his feelings. Well, except for the whole “I love Karen, but I don’t want to tell her how I feel and I’d rather just keep wondering if she feels the same way” bit from the beginning issues. So perhaps he’s a bit angst-ridden, but he’s hardly devoid of feeling. […]

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Odds and Ends Blast Off!

We haven’t done one of these for a while, so let’s look at a few bite-size nuggets of coolness from around the Interwebs, comic shops, toy stores and anywhere else that geek treasure might be found. And away we go… TALKING DAREDEVIL Have you been visiting Blastoff every day? Hopefully so, since something new has […]

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What the What?!

Ah, the 1970s. When the only place to see Marvel superheroes come to life was on television, generally CBS. Predating even the INCREDIBLE HULK, SPIDER-MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA and DOCTOR STRANGE TV projects was this abortive attempt by David Bowie’s wife Angela in 1975 to get a DAREDEVIL AND BLACK WIDOW project off the ground. Though […]

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  I’m hardly the Girl Without Fear. I aspire to be fearless, but I’m held back by doubt, worries about failing, and all the other baggage that comes with being human. Daredevil knows what’s around him when he jumps off rooftops. We don’t have the same advantage, but leaping blindly isn’t the worst action. Imagining […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.